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Hypercube, Inc. is a scientific software company, incorporated in 1985, specializing in molecular modeling software. We believe ourselves to be the world leader in making serious molecular modeling accessible to chemists everywhere -- researchers and students alike.

Our principal product is HyperChem, noted for its ease of use, extensive functionality, and modest price. Our most important platform is Microsoft Windows; HyperChem, on a PC under Windows, has the largest number of installations of any full-featured molecular modeling program. 

Hypercube, Inc. produces two versions of the core HyperChem product:  HyperChem 8.0 and HyperChem for MAC.   HyperChem 8.0 includes the Chemist's Developer Kit, an advanced customization tool; HyperNMR, for a priori simulation of NMR spectra; and HyperChem Data, a chemical database program with over 10,000 molecules included.  Also available is HyperChem Lite, a very affordable program tailored for students, which is compatible with Microsoft Windows versions 95, 98 and ME.

Hypercube, Inc. has set new standards for ease of use and molecular modeling power on PC-based systems. Our goal is to bring molecular modeling to all chemists and chemistry students.


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